What To Do With Old Monitors | Excellent Ideas In 2022

What To Do With Old Monitors | Excellent Ideas In 2022

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What To Do With Old Monitors

If you’re looking for a way to recycle old monitors, here are some great ideas.

These all require the monitors have not been tampered with in any way. First of all, if the Monitor is in good condition, then why not donate it?

You could even use them for a school project or event. If the Monitor isn’t working anymore, there are other things you can do with an old one.

For example: turn it into a planter box or recycle it by turning the glass into mirrors.

Monitors are the devices that work for a more extended period and serve you for so many years.

But, sometimes you need an advanced monitor, that’s why you change it.

On the other hand, sometimes your devices do not work correctly, and you need to repair or replace them.

In short, this article is all about recycling or replacing your Monitor.

What to do with old monitors, when to do it, and how to do it. All of your answers are in one place.😀

When Do You Need To Change Monitor?

  • If your device stops working.
  • When you feel a part of your Monitor is dead.
  • The central part of the computer stops working.
  • You need an advanced version

This reason could be any, but the main question arises what to do with old monitors.

What Should I Do With My Old Monitor?

Old Monitors

source: wwwsketchfeb.com

Now you have various options for your Monitor.

You can pick any option according to your need and the state of your device.

  • If your Monitor is in good condition, you can resell it.
  • Change a few parts and recycle them for your use.
  • Donate to a poor person.
  • Give it to a recycling company.

Let’s dig into these points and find out the best option for you to go with your device.

1. Resell Your Monitor

Sell your Monitors, and find a better one. Nowadays, many consumers are making new purchases by trading up for more recent technological models of monitors rather than hanging on to their previous ones.

But this isn’t the best option because college students or an average person might not have enough money to purchase a monitor with all the latest features that come with it.

Luckily, they can resell used monitors for cash. Unlike recycling or donating old devices online, reselling has a lot of benefits associated with it.

2. Recycle Your Monitor

recycle monitor

Source: www.hightechrecyclingmi.com

Your old monitors may not be new again, but recycling them is better than throwing them away.

There are plenty of resources readily available as to how to undertake a monitor recycling project.

For example, on YouTube or Google, there is an abundance of set-by-step instructions on taking apart the Monitor for reuse scrap parts.

These tutorials can also show you where to put these parts after dismantling them and what they’re best used for “recycling your monitor.”

If this doesn’t interest you in any way and you need money now instead, then perhaps a buyer can purchase it from you.

3. Donate Your Monitor To A Needy

What do I need to do with my old Monitor? Is it something recyclable, green, or sustainable? Do I actually need one anymore with a smartphone and tablet in the house?

Why not give your old Monitor away as you would donate clothes.😀

The Recycle-IT Program is federally regulated, which means they’ll recapture the hazardous elements like lead-free solder to make new computers and monitors.

Your Monitor allows people who otherwise cannot afford digital technology to have an affordable method of accessing information. They make sure that transportation costs are covered.

You get rid of all those unwanted screens cluttering up your storage space while someone less fortunate can use it for years without worry about costs.

4. Give Your Monitor To A Recycling Company

Give Your Monitor To A Recycling Company


If your Monitor is useless and will not work again, you can give it to a recycling company.

Never try to destroy it by yourself because there is mercury inside the Monitor that can cause damage.

So, be careful while destroying it. It is suggested to give it to a company because they know how to do recycling.

Save the planet with your good deeds! Give Your Monitor to a Recycling Company and take care of the environment.

It is never time wasted to recycle because you get money, clean air, cleaner earth, and less work in life. So give Monitors away today! Not tomorrow.

Final Wording

It’s not always easy to decide what you should do with your old Monitor.

There are many options for recycling, donating, or reselling it, but the best option is ultimately up to you.

You will have a lot more success selling your used computer monitor if it has no scratches and a picture on the screen when turned on.

An LCD monitor that still works well can be worth hundreds of dollars in many cases.

If this doesn’t sound like something you would want to get into as an entrepreneur, then we recommend giving it away by either donating or recycling your old monitors appropriately.

Just ensure they’re disposed of properly, so they don’t end up damaging our environment any further than necessary.

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