What Are The Common Classes Of LCD Monitors? { In 2022 }

What Are The Common Classes Of LCD Monitors? { In 2022 }

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What are the Common Classes of LCD Monitors?

There are thousands of monitors available in the market, and all of them have different features and specifications.

I would like to tell you something about What Are The Two Common Classes Of LCD Monitors?

Some of these monitors have LCD, LED, IPS, and VA panels.

The LCD monitor is well-known and the most demanded monitor in the market.

The experts have made classes in the LCD monitors for your ease.

So, you can choose the best LCD monitor according to your needs.😀

But, it is necessary to know about these classes to buy the best one among all other monitors.

What Are The Common Classes Of LCD Monitors?

The LCD Panel types are divided into three categories, and all of them have various features.

  • TN Panels
  • VA Panels
  • IPS Panels

A monitor user must be aware of these three LCD panel types so that you can buy them easily without wasting your money on the wrong product.

TN (Twisted Nematic) Panels

The twisted nematic panel is the best monitor for gamers because it has a faster response rate than others.

But, on the other hand, its price is affordable, and its working ability is excellent.

TN Monitor Panel

The response rate can vary from 5ms to 1ms, which most expensive monitors don’t have.

But, if we talk about color, the TN LCD panel is not that good at colors.

So you can’t use it for your professional editing work.

If you are looking for an under-budget LCD monitor, TN Panel is made for you.

The experts have made it very well that it is a good choice for home use.

VA (Vertical Alignment) Panel

A VA panel is the master of contrast ratio, and it shows bright and dark colors fantastically.

Moreover, its color reproduction and accuracy are better than a TN panel.

But, the color-shifting ability is not that good.

So, you will see different uneven colors on the screen that look ugly, except the color-shifting everything is perfect in a VA Panel.

The price and the working ability, and the response rate is perfect for home use.

However, if you want to buy a VA display for professional work, I’ll not recommend it because of color shifting.

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Panel

The best among all LCD monitors is an IPS Panel.

IPS Monitor Panels

This is the best option for a gamer, worker, or content creators because of these reasons.

  1. It has the best contrast ratio and higher resolution.
  2. The image quality and color-shifting are perfect.
  3. You will see billions of colors on the palette to work without any hurdle.
  4. The response rate is adequate, from 5ms to 8ms.
  5. The viewing angle is the best and shows everything clear from any angle.

PS panels are more expensive than the other two classes of the monitor.

Quick Summary 

So these are the Common Classes of LCD Monitors that people use according to their needs.

You can now choose the best one according to your demand and then buy it.

All of these classes are made for different fields.

For example, if a TN display is best for gamers, then an IPS monitor is the best option for professionals.

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