How To Split Screen On Two Monitors - Updated In 2022

How To Split Screen On Two Monitors – Updated In 2022

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How to Split Screen on Two Monitors

If you are working on different sheets on the screen, it is difficult to change the tabs repeatedly.

But, now the problem has been solved because of the split-screen option.

You are allowed to work on the same screen and divide it into various screens. 😀

What Is Split Screen?

Split-screen is the advanced option in the monitors.

You can divide the screen horizontally or vertically or into two, three, or more parts.

This feature allows the user to split the screen and work quickly on the same display while showing it in two parts.

How To Split Screen On Two Monitors?

It is the easiest task to split your Monitor Screen into two parts.

You have to follow these steps and do your work easily and effectively.

Step One

Connect your monitor with your laptop with a cable and turn it on.

Make sure you are aware of all the settings of both devices.

Step Two

Follow these points

Appearances of split screen monitor


  • Click on the start button
  • Control panel
  • Appearances and personalization
  • Adjust screen resolution

Step Three

Now an option will appear for you named “Multiple Displays.”

Click on this option, and “Extend these displays” will appear.

Step Four

Choose the splitting option and then click on it.

  • Click on the apply option.
  • Click “OK”

What Is The Use Of A Split-Screen?

The professional editors, content writers, and workers use these features.

However, because they work on different tabs or sheets, they find it difficult to change the tabs continuously.

That’s why the company has added these features for you to work easily.

You are allowed to watch a movie while doing work.

But, on the other hand, play your favorite game while watching a movie.

Can You Turn Off The Split-Screen?

Yes, you can do it by turning off the split-screen option.

multiple display screen

Go to the control panel, personalization, and multiple displays.

Turn off the multiple displays option, and your monitor screen is back into the one display.

What Is The Shortcut Key For The Split-Screen?

Press the Windows key and left or right arrow button to turn the screen into two parts.

Quick Summary Of How To Split Screen On Two Monitors

This is all about How to Split Screen on Two Monitors that you need to know.

Now you can open all your work tabs at the same place and work without any hurdle.

Use the shortcut key or turn it on from the setting and start working.

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