Samsung CHG90 Review - Product Worth In 2022

Samsung CHG90 Review – Product Worth In 2022

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Samsung CHG90 Review

Samsung CHG90 Review

Samsung CHG90 Review
  • 🔰 super ultra-wide 49-inch screen
  • 🔰 Hdr (high Dynamic Range) technology
  • 🔰144Hz refresh rate 
  • 🔰 Smoother gameplay

Are you aware that in the last few years, the popularity of ultrawide monitors is at its peak?

It should be because these monitors say no more to multi-monitor setup and save Your money.

While doing the Samsung CHG90 review, we noticed that this product is an ideal gaming monitor that a person can use for gaming and video editing.😃


Instead of placing side-by-side monitors, this 49-inch monitor would perform great.

Let’s explore some of its exciting features that will make you buy this monitor!

Features You Will Get In This Best Selling Samsung Monitor

  • You will experience a widescreen viewing angle.
  • The refresh rates are faster for Playing Games and video editing.
  • It has sturdy durability and super-fast performance.
  • Widescreen dimensions come with an adjustable stand and VESA mounting.
  • Curve design covers maximum coverage of crips image quality.
  • You will experience quantum dot technology.

Technical Specifications

Display Size 49 inches
Weight 33 pounds
Dimensions 47.36 x 15.02 x 20.68 inches
Max Screen Resolution 3840 X 1080 Pixels
Body Type Curved
HDR Support Compatible
VESA Mounting Compatible
Aspect Ratio 32:9
Response time 1ms
Panel Type Vertical Align (VA)
Height Adjustment Compatible
Curvature Rating 1800R
Brightness 350 nits
Contrast ratio 3,000: 1
Power Consumption 51.7 W @ 200 nits brightness
Warranty 3 years
Panel Thickness 196 mm
Video Inputs Dual display port of 1.2 + Dual HDMI of 2.0

  • Super ultrawide display
  • QLED technology
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Faster response time
  • Adjustable Stand
  • Reliable performance
  • VESA Mounting
  • Reduce input lag
  • Does not have built-in speakers
  • Price is little bit high


A Design That Wrap Up The Cinematic Viewing Experience

The Samsung CHG90 has impressive specs, but its design is the first thing that will attract you. Sitting in front of this beautiful display wraps itself around your viewing angles.

However, the aspect ratio is 32:9, which provides a wide field of view. Make sure that the table you are choosing accommodates your ultrawide curved monitor.


you are getting reasonable height adjustments in this product that allow you to move or rotate it according to your need.

Its overwhelming size is pretty ignorable because the innovative features and the production facility they provide are reliable and valuable.

This Monitor For Sim Racing features a swirling plastic mold that hides the VESA mounting for a clean appearance and seamless viewing.

The coating of anti-glare is thick, which is a large screen and does not disturb the user experience. However, it still reflects smooth light.

No matter where you sit, you can adjust its on-screen display with a joystick to control everything.

Not only that, its three additional keys provide access to 3 settings memory slots.

Features That Achieved 10/10 Marking After Our Testing And Inspections

Samsung CHG90 Features That Achieved 10/10 Marking After Our Testing And Inspections

No matter how good your gaming monitor performs, it’s not worth it if it does not have color accuracy.

A special thanks to the manufacturers of Samsung, who focus on the core points and provide color accuracy.

The pixel density is also reliable and provides a true image experience.

However, its max resolution is equivalent to two high-definition monitors.😃

On the other hand, the HDR supports impressive contrast performance, which is a reasonable factor.

However, the FreeSync technology by AMD provides a smooth gaming experience and prevents ghosting or screen tearing.

There is something more interesting about this Samsung CHG90 model. The refresh rate is super fast and cherishes the screen resolutions.

multi-tasking monitor

The best thing that you will love about this product is its multiple-screen access that you can run at a time.

In simple words, this Samsung beauty is a multi-tasking monitor.

You can Split The Screen into six because of an easy setting box that does not require technical options.

Just some basic clicks and you will tear the screen into six portions.

Are There Any Ports Or Connectivity Options Available In This Product?

To control this product physically, you will get four convenient buttons, and the power button is one of them.

These buttons are located on the right edge of the monitor. A mini joystick will help you to manipulate the screen settings from the menu.

In general, there are five modes that you can set according to your needs such as sRGB plus, FPS, RTS, RGP, and AOS gaming modes.

All of them are reliable to experience gaming at the next level. Besides these gaming modes, you can also easily adjust the brightness, contrast, color, and other display settings.

Ports Or Connectivity Options

Its convenient user experience is one of the primary reasons we selected and conducted a Samsung CHG90 review.😉

The port options include Dual HDMI ports of 2.0, display ports of mini size and full size, audio-in jack for external speakers, and USB Type-C port.

Things We Analyzed After Conducting Inspection & Tests

  • The response time is faster than we expect
  • Its gray-to-gray pixel response is reliable
  • The input lag is minimal
  • You will experience improved HDR support
  • Price is expensive, but have a look at its native refresh rates
  • You can reduce the refresh rates to 60 Hz to connect other gaming consoles
  • Due to its LFC technology, you can reduce the refresh rates to lower to 48 Hz.
  • The vibrant colors are excellent for streaming and video editing.
  • It makes video rendering easier for vloggers and video editors without tearing the pixels; HDR enhancements are reliable.
Can We Adjust Its Calibration? A Very Important Question To Ask
Calibration is required in rare cases, but you can adjust its settings to achieve more accurate and realistic color coverage.

After consulting with 10 professional gamers, we concluded that its custom mode is ideal for beginners. However, you can opt for sRGB plus, but it is oversaturated as compared to DCI-P3.

The good thing about its calibration settings is that you can adjust the brightness in every preset mode because the backlight settings do not change automatically.

Just turn it to the full to achieve the maximum effect of HDR support.

Does It Really Meet Your Need – A Factor You Shouldn’t Ignore

Samsung CHG90 Does It Really Meet Your Need


First, there are no significant flaws in this product; it works perfectly with the Windows operating system.

It accommodates the features that set it out perfectly.

Before making a purchase, you should have basic knowledge about this curved monitor because it is an advanced-level display that requires a little bit of information and research.

Don’t worry. We have summarized that research for you.

The fact is if you are a video editor, a professional gamer, love to do online streaming, or conduct online meetings, then this product will be a good fit.

The reason is its curved display that wraps around the image coverage without compromising on anything.

However, video editors need real color accuracy, especially in after effects. Luckily, this Samsung model meets all of your needs.

On the other hand, as a gamer, we already described its superb features. But, have a look at its uses that you can do as a businessman or entrepreneur:

  • You can split its screen up to 6 to video calls or conduct live conferences on multiple platforms.
  • As a motivational speaker, your voice and thoughts can be heard on Facebook and Youtube, both at a time.
  • It prevents switching modes and allows you to stay in zone mode to work consistently on your project.

A Quick Tip For You That You Don’t Want To Miss

If you want to take your visual experience to the next level, we will recommend you pair it with Radeon Vega 64. Enjoy the pixel quality that a 4k monitor delivers.

1. The Gray Scale Performance Even Make It More Valuable

We were shocked after the testing of grayscale performance without calibration. The custom and sRGB mode runs a little bit cold at the highest brightness steps, which a normal person can not notice.

However, it does not make any difference in productivity, but a few adjustments of RGB will eliminate this error.

2. Why Samsung CHG90 Is An Ideal Product For You?

Why Samsung CHG90 Is An Ideal Product For You?


As we mentioned, it is a multi-purpose product, and its potential is not specified for a single genre.

Gamers, video editors, and entrepreneurs can use this Samsung monitor.

Its multitasking is one of the biggest reasons it has become so popular among consumers.

Have a look at the below points and analyze by yourself, whether it is an ideal product for you or not :

  • In comparison to other competitive products, Samsung CHG90 has better calibration. The calibration settings are reliable for video editing, especially after effects.
  • It does not offer 4k graphics, but half of it is excellent for business meetings and sharing blueprints of business models.
  • You can maximize the refresh rates up to 144Hz and down to 48 Hz by applying different settings.
  • You are getting multiple height adjustments in it, which we think would be great for streaming Netflix and Youtube.
  • The physical appearance of this product is ergonomic and easy to handle. However, it is heavy because of high-grade components, but that would not be a major problem for you. The sleek design and edge-to-edge curved display are something that fulfills your gaming desires.

Final Words

The purpose of doing a Samsung CHG90 Review is to bring out those factors in detail that our visitors are looking for.

If you compare price with its overall performance except for only flaws (it does not have built-in speakers), this product is valuable.

Moreover, the settings of calibration, height adjustment, refresh rates, and brightness levels are excellent. Empower your working desk with innovative features and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions That You Need To Know

1. Does the Samsung chg90 have speakers?

No, this monitor does not have any integrated sound system. But, connecting external speakers for gaming will work incredibly.

2. What is a better curved or flat monitor?

Curved Monitors are better because they provide a wider viewing angle and a better user experience. However, they expand on peripheral vision.

3. Is a 24-inch curved monitor worth it?

You will not get any benefit from a 24-inch Curved Monitor except the improved panel technology. The field of view will be the same.