How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number? -Updated Info In 2022

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number? -Updated Info In 2022

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How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With A Serial Number?

A serial number is a unique identification number for any piece of electronic equipment. Stolen laptops are much more difficult to find if there is no serial number.

Many social media pages specialize in tracking stolen electronics, but the process can be very time-consuming.

The best way to avoid having your laptop stolen is to make sure you have your serial number registered with all of the appropriate tracking services.

Serial Number


It is common sense to keep track of the serial numbers on all your devices, including your laptop.

This will help if it gets lost or stolen.

The unique identifying number can be read by law enforcement officials when they look at the device.

This information will be helpful when trying to identify the rightful owner.

Serial Number

The laptop’s serial number is located on the bottom of the machine. They are 10 digits long and should be written down somewhere safe, just in case.

How To Find A Stolen Laptop With A Mac Address?

The MAC address is a 12 character code that can distinguish your device from other devices on the network. When your computer connects to the internet, it broadcasts its MAC address and other identifying information.

This means that if you know someone’s email and location data, you could potentially track down their computer with the right software. This will work for MacBooks and other Apple products as well as standard desktops and laptops.

How To Find A Stolen Laptop With Microsoft Account?

Find A Stolen Laptop With Microsoft Account


For many of us, our electronics are never far from reach.

Whether it be our cellphones, tablets, or laptops, they are practically a part of us for most of the day.

If your laptop was stolen or lost, how do you find it?

A great way to find your lost or stolen laptop is with a Microsoft account. You can log into your account on any computer and check the devices you have signed in with your account.

To search for a lost or stolen device

  1. Go to the Devices section of the Microsoft account page and select the missing or stolen device from the list of devices you have signed in with.
  2. Select “Find my device” from the drop-down menu and sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.
  3. If there is a problem accessing your account, contact customer service by phone or chat.

How To Find A Stolen Laptop With Dropbox?

Find A Stolen Laptop With Dropbox


A laptop is an electronic device that allows users to browse the internet, write documents, and use other forms of technology.

As you can imagine, there are all sorts of different laptops on the market; one such type is the laptop with Dropbox integrated.

A DropBox is a file hosting service that provides online storage for any data you upload.

One way to find your stolen laptop with Dropbox is by using the Find My Device function.

Access this feature through the Dropbox website or app.

You can also find it within the iCloud service on Apple devices. Once you have verified that your stolen laptop is connected to Wi-Fi, you will be able to track its location on a map.

You will get an email notification if it has been turned off or enters a different Wi-Fi zone, remotely locks it or erase its data.

Can A Laptop Be Tracked After A Factory Reset?

Laptop Be Tracked After A Factory Reset


But unfortunately, no.

The thief will always have the ability to erase your hard drive and restore your computer to its factory settings.

If you reinstall your computer to its factory settings.

The Windows 10 feature ‘Find my device’ is not very useful as yet, it will only locate your computer. 


It would be best if you took measures to find the laptop with the serial number, Mac Address, Microsoft Account, or Dropbox. It’s important to remember that every case is different. No method is foolproof, but using all of the mentioned tips can help you track down your stolen laptop.

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