How To Stop Mouse From Going To Second Monitor? - In 2022

How To Stop Mouse From Going To Second Monitor? – Updated Guide In 2022

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How To Stop Mouse From Going To Second Monitor

The other day I was sitting in my office with a few windows open on my computer, and the mouse cursor started going to the second monitor.

I couldn’t figure out why it happened until I looked at my desk, where both monitors were plugged into the same USB port.

This is an easy fix, but you need to make sure that you plug your mouse into a different USB port than your other devices, like a keyboard or printer.

Make sure that you are using one of these ports: front left side, back left side, front right side, back right side.

There are a lot of complications that professional gamers and every person who uses dual monitors face.

It includes the connection, setting the monitor with one VGA, and so many other things that an average user may not want to mess with.

But, as a tech lover, taking everything to the next level is the primary goal. If you have bought a Monitor For Sim Racing and want to limit your cursor to one screen only, there is nothing to worry about.

We have organized this guide for you. Even if you are not a technical person, you can still achieve your desired settings.

Let’s get started!😃

How To Stop Mouse From Going To Second Monitor

You’re likely using a computer with two or more monitors. If your mouse cursor is moving to the wrong monitor, it can be frustrating.

Here are some tips on how to solve this problem and stop the mouse from going to the second monitor.

Some Important Points That You Shouldn’t Miss

  • Third-party software is works excellent to stop the mouse.
  • Keep the alignment of your screen balanced in order to enjoy an immersive viewing experience.
  • Use premium versions of software only if you have professional use.

Use Some Help Of Third Party Softwares

gaming setup monitor

There is a lot of software available in the market that you can use to set things up.

However, this software is lightweight and does not consume a lot of space on your gaming setup.

The good thing is that this software comes in premium and free versions that you can use to analyze whether they are beneficial for you or not.

So, let’s start their information!!!🙂

Cursor Lock

The cursor lock is a free tool and confines your mouse pointer to only one screen. Moreover, some cool features will improve your comfort in a multi-monitor setup.

Below, we shared some steps that you can follow to use this tool:

  1. Download & Install this software on your computer.
  2. Launch the tool and checkmark the “open program” option.
  3. After that, navigate the browser to the location of the program/game you want to run without using a mouse pointer.
  4. Create a shortcut button that you will find on the bottom right of the screen interface.
  5. In this way, you will create a new shortcut for the program/game on your desktop.
  6. This shortcut will be used to launch that certain program with the enable-setting of cursor lock.

Is This Cursor Lock That Easy?

The above points we mentioned are just a basic setup that may be compatible with some programs. However, you need to go for advanced settings to run some programs and games.

There are additional features that you can use, such as “lock program,” “force lock,” and “lock region.”

If you still find the setup difficult, there are many youtube videos that you can watch to understand what we are explaining.

Dual Monitor Tools

screens conveniently monitor

The dual-monitor tool is a very powerful software that professionals use to manage their dual screens conveniently.

Luckily, it is also a free tool that comes with a bunch of premium features. Check out the below steps that we mentioned to know how it works:

Check out the below steps that we mentioned to know how it works:

  1. Download & Install the tool.
  2. Launch it from the start menu from your windows operating system.
  3. After opening the software, it will automatically start running in the background.
  4. Click on the general option that you will get under the cursor menu in the software.
  5. There you will see “lock cursor onto the screen” > click on “change”.
  6. A new window will pop up, checkmark the “enable this hotkey” option.
  7. There you can assign the new hotkeys according to your preference.
  8. Click on the ok and save the changes.


Use Windows Display Settings if You Don’t Want To Use 3rd Party Softwares 

There is nothing to worry about if you are not a technical person and feel trouble configuring the third-party tools.

You can accomplish the same thing from window display settings more conveniently:

  1. Go to display settings > click on screen resolution.
  2. There you will see the alignment of your dual monitor, it will be side by side in front of you.
  3. Click on the virtual monitor so that your monitor will stay on the screen you want.
  4. After that, drag the virtual monitor icon and arrange it diagonally.
  5. After you apply the settings, your mouse will never go on the next screen.

Final Wording

These are some of the most common and easiest methods that you can use to prevent the mouse from going on the secondary screen.

You can use the premium version of this software only if you have professional use. Otherwise, the free version also works well.

On the other hand, the window display settings offer quick and simple settings that will not consume your time.

Keep in mind the alignment because it matters a lot. Try to keep the alignment of your monitors balanced, and you will not face any problems.