How To Setup Dual Monitors With Only One VGA Port In 2022

How To Setup Dual Monitors With Only One VGA Port In 2022

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How To Setup Dual Monitors With Only One VGA Port

Having a dual monitor setup allows you to widen your screen, so the information spreads on two displays. It enables a person to play games comfortably without compromising on anything as well all know, Monitors For Racing Games only work optimally when they are two.

Whether you are a developer, or a graphic designer, using dual monitors will improve your productivity. Here in this post, we shared some tips and tricks that will help you to set up dual monitors with only one VGA port.

Replace The Video Card: Easiest Way

VGA port

The first and the easiest way to set up a dual monitor with one VGA port is to replace your old video card with an updated one.

However, this replacement could be time-taking, expensive, or may need a professional to change. But, if you are a tech lover, then you may know the importance of it.

It can be expensive, but it is also a permanent solution to your problem!

Use A VGA Splitter: Affordable Solution

additional things

We understand that as a beginner, you don’t have enough money to spend on these additional things. But guess what? We have a cheaper option for you.

The VGA splitter is a perfect example of how small things make a big difference. You can use it to connect dual monitors with one VGA as it is cheap and easy to set up.

Don’t Know How To Setup? Scroll Down And Learn

  1. Switch off your computer and monitor.
  2. Remove the VGA cable from your computer.
  3. After that, use a VGA splitter and connect the female ports of both VGA cables into the splitter
    Connect the male port to the monitor.
  4. Go ahead and switch on your computer.

Once you connect the VGA splitter, female ports, and male ports, now is the time to set the configuration.

screen resolution.

For this purpose, visit the control panel and go to adjust the screen resolution.

Click on the personalization and customize the settings according to your need. Here you can adjust the settings of the primary monitor, extended monitor, and secondary monitor.

Which Type of Dual Monitor Should We Buy?

The preference of purchasing a monitor depends on the need and goals. If you are a gamer, then buying a monitor with TN panel technology is worth it for beginners as they help gamers Launch Steam Games With A Second Monitor with only one VGA port.

Secondly; we will recommend you to buy both monitors of the same models. It will maintain a balance between them, and you will easily set the configurations.

However, the same monitors will give a clean and accurate display. On the other hand, if you are an artist or a graphic designer, then using an IPS, QHD, or 4K panel will be a great option for you.

Closing Remarks

In this guide, you will get the two easiest ways to connect dual monitors with one VGA port. One of them is expensive, but a permanent one and the other one is cheap.

We can not guarantee the permanent solution with a VGA splitter as they are only a device you can use. They will work great until they maintain their quality.

On the other hand, replacing the video card would be expensive and a one-time investment that you can make to optimize your gaming experience.