How To Reduce Keyboard Noise On Mic? Best Ways In 2022

How To Reduce Keyboard Noise On Mic? Best Ways In 2022

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How To Reduce Keyboard Noise On Mic?

If you’re a vocalist, you know how important it is to have a clear, clean voice. Unfortunately, some keyboard noise can drown out your vocals.

There are a few things you can do to reduce keyboard noise on your mic:

  • First, make sure the hardware is set up correctly. 
  • Second, ensure your keyboard is clean and free of dust and debris. 
  • Third, use a soft-plush or gel mouse pad under your keyboard to reduce key clacking. or Use a soft-touch keyboard. Keyboardists who use hard-hitting keys will produce more noise than those who use softer ones. 
  • Fourth, keep the volume on your microphone low when recording to don’t over-amplify the keyboard noise. 
  • Fifth, use a noise-canceling microphone if possible. A good quality microphone. The less noise your mic produces, the better.
  • Keep your laptop closed when not in use. This will help reduce movement and noise from the fan.
  • Try using a headset or headphones when possible.

Tips for the microphone to sound better:

  • Make sure that the back of your microphone is towards the noisy source.
  • Try to keep the volume low when speaking into the mic.
  • If you’re recording video, make sure that your camera is as far away from the microphone.
  • Use a pop filter if needed to reduce background noise.
  • Keep the mic a few inches away from your mouth, and avoid moving around while recording.
  • Set the gain level always to the appropriate level. 
  • Try using a noise-cancellation microphone if possible.
  • Make sure your recording environment is noise-free.

How to Reduce Background Noise on Mic Windows 10

If you’re trying to reduce background noise on your mic in Windows 10.

There are a few things you can try:

  • First, make sure your microphone is plugged into a properly configured sound card. 
  • Second, ensure your microphone is turned on and set to the default audio input. 
  • Third, use the Windows Sound Recorder to capture audio from your computer’s speakers and then use that audio to adjust the volume of your microphone.

If you’re using a laptop with a microphone, you may have noticed background noise coming through the speaker when trying to use it for voice recognition or recording.

First, in the search tab of the start menu, select ‘Recording. ‘ In the recording tab, click on properties. Under ‘ System Sounds, ‘click on ‘ Change system sound in the properties dialog box. ‘

How to reduce keyboard noise on MacBook Pro?

If you’re noticing more and more keyboard noise on your MacBook Pro, you can do a few things to help reduce the noise. One option is to change how often the keyboard sends keystrokes to the computer. 

How to reduce keyboard noise on MacBook Pro


Another is to use a keyboard cover or cushion to help muffle the sound. Try using a foam or gel cushion on your keyboard to reduce the amount of sound it makes when you type.

And finally, make sure your keyboard is clean and free of dust and debris.

You can try to put a thick silicone keyboard protector over the keyboard. This will help to dampen the noise.

Additionally, make sure that you aren’t typing too hard or too fast. This will also increase the amount of noise that is produced.

How to make a mechanical keyboard quieter?

You can do a few things to make your mechanical keyboard quieter. Some people recommend damping the essential bottoms with a cloth or tissue, while others recommend avoiding excessive pressure on the keys.

Some keyboards also come with built-in dampening materials, so you may not need to do anything extra. Another option is to purchase a silent keyboard case or keyboard stand.

One way is to replace the keycaps with less noisy ones. Another way is to buy a keyboard with a silent switch.

A third way is to buy a keyboard case or cover that muffles the sound of the keys. And finally, one can buy QuietKeys software to suppress critical noise.

How do I stop discord from picking up my keyboard?

Discord is a great communication tool, but it can also be a source of contention. If you’re struggling to keep discord from picking up your keyboard, you can do a few things to prevent it:

  1. Be mindful of how much time you spend on the app.
  2. Be aware of what’s happening in the chatroom.
  3. Use voice chat sparingly.

Discord is a great communication tool, but it can be picky about input. If discord constantly picks up your keyboard input, you can try adjusting the settings on User Settings.

Go to Voice & Video and turn it off. Automatically determine input sensitivity. Then move the slider to find the best settings to make discord less likely to pick up your input.

How do you make a microphone Earrape?

If you want to make a microphone Earrape, you first need to find the control panel. On most laptops, you’ll find it in the system tray.

Once you’ve found it, press sound and then press recording. Right-click your microphone and press Properties. 

You should see a few different settings here.

The one you’re looking for is called “Listen to this device you speak.” Press that button and then press Listen to this device; you speak again. For a better setting, click on the microphone.

Why does my mic sound choppy?

Network issues can cause choppy audio in recordings, while low memory or high CPU usage can lead to audio stuttering. To troubleshoot and fix these issues, follow these steps,

Check your network connection. If you’re having trouble streaming or recording due to a poor connection, your first step should be to check your network settings.

Ensure your computer is connected to the internet and that the network is working correctly.

If your mic sounds choppy, a few things can be causing the issue. Poor network performance can be due to a lack of memory or high CPU usage.

Additionally, if your mic is plugged into a faulty outlet or located in an area with poor signal strength, this could also be to blame.

However, there’s usually a simple solution to restoring smooth audio quality in most cases.


There are a few things that you can do to reduce keyboard noise on your mic. Use a keypad instead of the keyboard, and make sure that your keyboard is positioned correctly so that it doesn’t cause any noise.

You can also use a noise-canceling headset to reduce the amount of noise heard in your recording.