How To Launch Steam Games On Second Monitor? - Guide In 2022

How To Launch Steam Games On Second Monitor? – Updated Guide In 2022

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How To Launch Steam Games On Second Monitor

Did you ever think to play competitive steam games on a second monitor? If yes, then you might be wondering about its setting and configuration.

Your destiny to this article is the result of research and seeking. There are several methods to launch steam game on a second monitor, but we will discuss the easiest one.

These methods will work efficiently on Gaming Monitors For Sim Racing.

Let’s dig into the information and know whether they are reliable ways or not!

Why Use A Multi-Monitor Setup?

  1. They have now become the standard of gaming that you will see on the desk of every professional gamer.
  2. Multi-Monitor setup is a good option to replace the extra purchase of wide monitors.
  3. The OSD settings and overclocking feature are easier to handle in these monitors.

If, for some reason, you also want a multi-monitor setup and don’t know how to launch steam games, follow the below steps and check which if suits you:

Try To Use Multi-Monitor Management Too

The first and the most common method to launch steam games on a second monitor is to use a dedicated multi-monitor management tool.

Playing your game on a second monitor instead of your primary monitor can be quickly done with display fusion.

 immersive gaming experience

It is a third-party software tool that will help you to increase your productivity and enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Key Features of DisplayFusion

  • You can create customizable hotkeys according to your gaming preference.
  • DisplayFusion allows you to enable multi-monitor taskbars.
  • You can experience its trial version before purchasing the premium to know whether it works for you or not.

Want To Know Some More Ways To Open Steam Games On A Different Monitor?

There are some tips and tricks that you can use instead of buying a multi-monitor management tool. But, we are not sure either it works for you or not. Giving it a try will not take anything from you.

Run your game in Window mode and drag it on our desired screen:

Check Game Settings: Launch the game and go to video or display settings. After that, check the custom setting whether it has a display mode option or not.

Right-click to get a drop-down menu and select the window mode instead of fullscreen mode.

Change The Parameters Of Steam Launch:

Open Steam > Go To Game Library > Right-Click On Your Desired Game > Click On Properties > Open General Lab > Go To “Set Launch Options” > Enter the parameter “ Windowed” > Click Ok to save settings > Enjoy.

Summing Up To Your Required Location

Running your game in window mode is not difficult. You need to adjust some settings. However, if you are not a technical person, we will recommend you to let professionals handle this.

But, If you want to do this stuff all on your own, there are many Youtube tutorials that you can watch to know the exact and accurate steps.