How To Get Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers PS4 & Other Gaming

How To Get Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers PS4 & Other Gaming Consoles

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How To Get Sound From A Monitor Without Speakers

The monitors generally come in two types; built-in speakers and non-built-in speakers. The benefit of using a Monitor With Built-In Speakers is that it does not need extra money to spend on external speakers.

However, monitors that do not have integrated speakers have different setting options. Today’s post is about the easiest ways to get connecting ps4 to monitor without speakers and other gaming consoles.

Let’s get started!

Read These Quick Steps Before Getting Started!

  • Verify before purchasing that your monitor has a built-in speaker or not.
  • Check that the display has output ports for connections and headphones.
  • Always use recognized and popular brands for monitors.

Are Built-In Speaker Monitors Need Any Settings?

Built-In Speaker Monitors

Even if you have built-in speakers in your monitor, the audio interface needs some settings because some innovative components like graphic cards feature sound cards.

Have a look at the below points to configure the settings:

  1. Go to the tray’s volume key and click playback devices.
  2. Hover down and right-click the speaker button to pick.
  3. Set the default settings of speakers via onscreen settings.
  4. If you have multiple options to connect, such as external speakers, integrated speakers, headphones, and mikes, the settings would be difficult. However, choosing the default setting will be the only option for you.
  5. After doing the setup, run a test and check whether the integrated speakers are working or not.

Can We Get (Sound From The Monitor Like Xbox One)

The setting of speaker and sound is different in Xbox one because of uncompressed and stereo settings. However, the Ps4  has different requirements.

There are several ways that you can use to get sound from the monitor without speakers.

Sure About That? Check out the below points:

Try HDMI Connection

Make sure that the drivers of your ps4 are updated and do not lack any input or output.

After connecting the HDMI, go to the external device option and select the audio port wired via the HDMI channel.

Buy A Stereo Cable

Another affordable way of getting sound for Ps4 is to use an audio output jack. Connect the one end of your audio jack to the computer and point the second one to the audio system device. Don’t forget to run a sound test before starting your game.

There are several youtube tutorials and informative material available on the internet that will give you a live demo to figure out things.

Quick WrapUp

It might be difficult for you to experience dynamic sound without using external speakers. The integrated speakers are reliable for beginners but not for professional gamers.

There are several youtube videos that you can watch to set things in real-time.

Ensure that the Gaming Monitor you choose has connectivity options and built-in speakers to enjoy at least a good sound experience.