How To Get Sound From A Monitor With Xbox One? About In 2022

How To Get Sound From A Monitor With Xbox One? Comprehensive Guide 2022

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How To Get Sound From A Monitor With Xbox One

Did you get it? an Xbox one and don’t know how to connect dynamic sound for gaming?

However, there are two scenarios at this point that you are going through, either you have bought the Best Monitor With Built-In Speakers or none at all.

Here in this blog post, we will conclude how you can get sound from a monitor with Xbox one.

Quick Tips Before Getting Started

  • Using the sets of speakers is more beneficial than using amplifiers.
  • A monitor with built-in speakers does not need any sound configuration.
  • There is an option of using external  speakers with your Xbox or monitor
  • Getting external speakers will improve the appearance of your gaming setup.
  • You will need a 3.5-millimeter jack to connect the speakers.

Quick & Easiest Way To Setup Xbox One Sound With Monitor

If you have a regular gaming monitor, then you will get jack port options behind the display. Buy yourself a 3.5-millimeter jack to connect speakers.

However, if you plan to get something big, we will recommend you to use an amplifier (second-hand preferable) that does not cost you much.

After connecting the speakers, turn on your gaming monitor and go to settings. In the settings of Xbox one, you will see a display and sound option.

Click on it.

Hover to the right corner and go to the digital sound. Click on the HDMI sound, where you will see 5.1 uncompressed.

The stereo speakers may not work with every brand of speakers, so try to find the one that suits the settings.

Please note that if your monitor does not have any built-in speakers, then the only way to get sound is to buy external speakers.

Furthermore, you can also use headphones depending on your preference.

Important Thing To Note
Sometimes, products like Xbox one and Ps4 come with technical faults, which become the reason for not getting sound.

It happens to 2/10 buyers and is a rare case. Moreover, getting a sound for ps4 from your monitor has some different settings and technical factors that do not match the Xbox settings.

What’s The Most Beneficial You Get From Monitor Speakers?

Mostly, the monitors with built-in speakers have integrated speakers such as 2-watt or 5-watt. Their quality depends on the manufacturing of a brand and costing.

Some top-rated brands like Samsung, Asus, Acer, & Dell focus on the core points of their manufacturing. These monitors have the power to deliver a dynamic sound that stands perfect for gaming and streaming.

Secondly; They save the cost of buying external speakers, which is an excellent option.

The Closing Remarks

Getting yourself an Xbox one and connecting it with a gaming monitor is not a good choice.

If you are limited to budget and using a monitor is a must, try to find a monitor with built-in speakers.

On the other hand, don’t forget to check that your buying product has a 3.5 mm jack.