How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM?

How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM? In 2022

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How To Connect Two Computers To One Monitor Without KVM

There are two common problems that every beginner faces. One is to buy the best Gaming Monitor, and the second is a dual connection to one monitor without KVM.

You can also purchase a Monitor With A Built-In Speaker, but the double connection of the computer to one monitor is still pending.

You can use several ways to connect two computers to 1 monitor instead of using KVM. These connections are easy to do and will not cost you hundreds of dollars.

Some Important Things That You Should Know

  1. KVM is an old method of connecting multiple computers which is costly.
  2. Third-party software is an excellent choice to connect computers simultaneously.
  3. Check your monitor connectivity ports before choosing other options.

What Is KVM?

KVM stands for “keyboard, Video, and Mouse”, making multiple connections in the old times. It is a very rare kind of switch which was very hard to find in the market.

As time passes, people tend to use dual monitors. Not having KVM does not allow them to buy or use dual monitors. But, that was the problem of old times.

On the other hand, you can also use this device to connect other devices such as a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and workstation.

Types Of KVM

There are several types of KVM available in the market:

  1. Semi DDM
  2. DDM USB
  3. Emulated USB
  4. USB HUB

All of them have different features and functions. However, active KVM and passive KVM are also the common types of this switch.

What Are The Secondary Ways To Connect Dual Computers With One Monitor?

We already decided that we will not use KVM, so what are the alternatives?

Luckily, there are some alternatives that you can opt for:

Try Third-Party Software’s For The Connection

Don’t have any input for multi-monitor? Don’t worry.

There is some innovative software that you can use to connect. Some of them are premium, while others are free versions.

It depends on you whether you want a premium version or free. Have know-how about some software that will solve your problem.

Microsoft Garage Mouse Without Borders

Who does not know about Microsoft? Microsoft has lately introduced software that Microsoft firstly used privately for its employees.

It is free software that becomes the need of the public in this modern era. The setup and installation of this software are straightforward.

All you need is to download > install > and connect it to the computers you want to run on a single monitor.

Please note that it is only compatible with Windows operating systems. Before using, check that you have installed the same version on both computers. Otherwise, it will not work.

Share Mouse: A Powerful Alternate of KVM Devices

If you are not satisfied with the accessible version of the Microsoft product, then this will be a good fit for you.

Share mouse is a powerful software that you can use to connect multiple computers using only one mouse and keyboard.

They offer standard and professional versions, which you can use to buy for commercial purposes.

What Are Its Key Features?

  1. The share mouse can connect nine computers or monitors at the same time to drag-drop files from one to another.
  2. You can do clipboard sharing in it.
  3. The best thing that you will love about this software is that it supports cross-platform operations. It means that it is compatible with Mac and Windows both.

The Input Director

The input director is also a very comfortable and easy-to-use software.

You can get this software for free from their official website. It has multiple features like the shared mouse that you can get for free.

Moreover, you also have the facility to customize its settings according to your preference.


This software is something of the next level. It is also free software that has premium features and benefits. You can buy the license of this product to support developers.

However, it is perfect for personal and commercial use. The fascinating feature of this software is that you can connect 30 computers simultaneously with LiteManager.

You can access the premium features of this software on Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and even on Wine.

Feel Lucky If Your Monitor Has Multiple Ports For Output

Let’s say you are getting an updated monitor for gaming and multitasking. Luckily, the connection of dual computers is convenient for them. At the back of the monitor, you will get multiple port options such as HDMI, DVI, and a display port.

It means that you can connect three different devices at the same time.😀

Isn’t it interesting? You’re saving both your time and money.

Nowadays, the monitors come with convenient port options and a dedicated input toggle button for the OSD menu. It becomes easier for a person to set things up according to his/her preference.

Can We Connect Computers & PS4 With One Monitor?

The connection of Ps4 and Pc is not applicable at the same time because both have different requirements to work. Secondly, the sound setting will also get disturbed, and you will not experience optimal gaming.

Getting a sound without speakers from Ps4 is difficult. There are certain things that you need to set accurately.

Closing Remarks

KVM has become an old method of connecting two computers with one monitor at the same time. Secondly, it is costly and not recommended for single use.

There are several third-party software that will solve your problem. If you do not want to opt for them, then check the connectivity ports in your monitor.

You can also use them to connect two PCs simultaneously. We will recommend you not to connect any other gaming console except the PC in this scenario. Otherwise, the consequences will not be good.