How To Connect Studio Monitors To Pc? Detailed Guide In 2022

How To Connect Studio Monitors To Pc | Detailed Guide In 2022

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How To Connect Studio Monitors To Pc

Before you’re entirely able to enjoy your monitor speakers, you’ll need to determine how to join your studio monitors to your PC.

It isn’t always as difficult as you suspect if you comply with the right procedure in linking the important device together.

Setting up a home recording studio is no easy task. In order to properly monitor the sound, you need either a set of headphones or a pair of quality speakers.

If you are using monitors, it is vital to connect them to your computer to work correctly.

This is a cheap sort of alternative, but many other issues come along with it.

So if you want to do this, you’re going to need a cable which has quarter-inch tracks on one end and then on the other end it’s got just a headphone jack for your computer.

Ensure that the monitors are off; plug this end in and then get one of these, plug it into this input, and make sure your monitors are on a full DB.

Then, you do the same to the other pretty simple, pretty straightforward, and then switch your monitors on, so this is pretty much to play YouTube music or stuff from iTunes.

If you make your music, it’ll play through these speakers; just a quick tip make sure that the jockey is plugged in before you turn on your speakers because I had this problem.

If your speakers are turned on and you plug it in, you’ll get a popping sound it isn’t good for your monitors.

So in this article, we can be talking about the step-by-step method to do so.😀

Step 1: Attach Your Pc To Your Monitor

Attach Your Pc To Your Monitor


The first actual step is to attach your pc to your monitor. If both your monitor and PC allow it, you may have the choice to apply a Display Port cable or an HDMI.

If your monitor and pc do not allow it, you can use VGA or DVI. It is highly recommended that you try the DVI usage first before experimenting with the VGA.

Using the VGA is your closing choice since this generally offers a low-quality analog signal.

On the other hand, the Display Port, HDMI, and DVI provide a high-quality signal.

Step 2: Use 3.5 mm Audio Wire

Use 3.5 mm Audio Wire


If you select to go together with both VGA or DVI, you should have a 3.5 mm audio wire.

In addition, you could want a 3.5 mm audio wire as nicely if you are uncertain, and your monitor can aid the sign carried via way of means of both the Display Port or the HDMI.

You ought to have the ability to inform since all the ports you need should be well labeled on each of your pc and monitor.

Step 3: Turn On Your Pc And Adjust The Monitor

Turn On Your Pc And Adjust The Monitor


The 1/3 step could be to attach your monitor to the electricity supply and flip it on.

At this point, you must have the ability to turn your pc on as well. The signal of the video out of your private pc will now be displayed on your monitor.

Right-click. Choose “Screen Resolution.” You can now begin adjusting the resolution of the monitor to the “Recommended” resolution.

Step 4: Set The Monitor

Set The Monitor


After adjusting the monitor’s resolution, continue to right-click at the audio icon in the Windows taskbar at the machine tray location and choose “Playback Devices.”

If you have correctly connected your monitor by the Display Port or the HDMI, you must be capable of choosing the call of your monitor, which may be visible at the listing of devices.

If you prefer to go with the 3.5 mm audio port through the use of the VGA or DVI, you should click “Speakers.”

Step 5: Make Some Setting For Your Monitor

Make Some Setting for Your Monitor


Make positive to right-click on “Speakers” or the call of your monitor and choose “Enable,” particularly if they may be greyed out at the listing of the devices.

Next, select the “Set Default” button to make sure that your monitor speakers are your PC’s default speakers.

Step 6: Finally Test The Monitor

 Finally Test The Monitor


Now that you have connected the studio monitors to your PC, you must be capable of running a little quick test to make sure that all things are successfully connected.

First, select the “Configure” button and select “Test.” It will set off to restart your pc.

If it does, restart your pc and repeat to choose the “Configure” button and select “Test.”

You are once done, near the dialogue box to complete the process.

Final Wording

To connect studio monitors into a pc without using your audio interface.

So if you don’t have an audio interface, Use these steps to connect a pair of front speakers to the pc—position one speaker on every side of the pc monitor.

Connect the audio cable to the Speaker Out port at the back of the pc. Plug the speaker AC adapter into the electric outlet and activate the speakers.

This article has hopefully shown you how to connect studio monitors to computer.

However, if you find any errors or need more help with this process, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to partner with you.

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