How Many FPS A 144hz Monitor Can Display - Is It Worth In 2022

How Many FPS A 144hz Monitor Can Display – Is It Worth In 2022

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How Many FPS A 144hz Monitor Can Display

144Hz monitors can display up to 144fps, including the 60fps that the other monitor can display for you to use at 144hz. This makes it a viable option for gamers and graphic designers looking for a high refresh rate.

However, one of the most important aspects is what type of fps your CPU can output, which varies from system to system. A minimum of 144 FPS on a game is required to use a 144Hz Monitor.

But if you have a powerful enough computer, you don’t need an expensive gaming rig or an ultra-high-end graphics card just yet-you might be able to run games with even higher FPS rates if your computer has sufficient power and headroom.

What Is A 144Hz Monitor?

A 144Hz monitor can display up to 144 frames per second (FPS), the same as the minimum required to run a game on a high refresh rate monitor.

What Is A 144Hz Monitor

In most cases, monitors don’t reach this number and display at about 120 FPS or slower, with some falling into the 90 FPS range and only jumping into the 100+ range in low refresh rate models for a brief time.

The advantage of using a high refresh rate monitor is that your screen updates at a faster rate, letting you see on-screen action in real-time without any slowdowns or delays.

The only delay you’ll encounter with a high-refresh-rate display is the time it takes for the pixels to change from one frame to the next.

While this may not seem like much, it’s pretty significant—and it can be hard to adjust to if you’re accustomed to slower displays.

The higher your refresh rate, the closer your monitor comes to simulating the sensation of playing games on an arcade machine or running them on a dedicated gaming console.

What FPS Do I Need To Use A 144Hz Monitor?

A 144Hz monitor can only display up to 144 frames per second, and that includes the extra frames your graphics card produces (called “oversampling”).

What FPS Do I Need To Use A 144Hz Monitor?

For example, if you have a GeForce GTX 1080, you can expect about 400 frames per second on the highest setting. So if your fps falls below that number, there’s no point in getting a 144Hz monitor.

However, if you plan on playing at 144 FPS or higher—which is easily possible with any modern gaming PC—then a high refresh rate monitor gives you an edge over standard 60Hz displays.

Quick Summary

This article has covered the commonly asked question of how many fps a 144hz monitor can display.

It is important to know your monitor’s native refresh rate before purchasing a monitor, as this will save you from purchasing an expensive graphics card to get the most out of your monitor.

A 144hz monitor can display a maximum of 144 fps, so this is the most recommended monitor for a high-performance computer.

With a max of 144 fps, a 144hz monitor is the best choice for a high-performance computer with a powerful graphics card.

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