Can A 60hz Monitor Do 120 FPS - Complete Guide In 2022

Can A 60hz Monitor Do 120 FPS – Complete Guide In 2022

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Can A 60hz Monitor Do 120 FPS

A 60Hz screen cannot refresh at 120Hz, which means that the resolution of the graphics being displayed on the screen will be less smooth.

It’s also harder for your eyes to focus on fast-moving objects or text on a 60Hz screen. However, these screens have better visual quality than their 120Hz counterparts because they produce less eye strain.

What Is Hz In monitors?

What Is Hz In monitors


The refresh rate of your display is measured in hertz (Hz). Refresh rate is the frequency measured in hertz (Hz), at which a display device updates its image.

The higher the refresh rate, the more times that an image appears on your screen in a second.

It’s important to know that it is possible to have multiple displays with different refresh rates and synchronize them together.

When you look at your screen, it refreshes the image at time intervals.

The frequency of this refresh rate determines how many frames per second the video card can produce to create an image with fluid motion.

A monitor’s refresh rate affects how clear and fast on-screen animations will appear, and the greater it is, the better.

However, if you’re a content creator or an engineer who needs to use a Monitor as a tool for work, you’ll be very interested in knowing. Refresh rates are measured in hertz (Hz), and the higher your number, the better quality.

What Is FPS In monitors?

What is FPS In monitors


The frame rate of a monitor is measured in frames per second. Frames per second are the number of frames that a video card can produce and send to a monitor in a second.

The higher the frame rate, the smoother animations appear on the screen.

The monitor can show these frames at a certain refresh rate, typically 60 times per second. The monitor will not show you anything that happens between two consecutive frames.

Frames per second, or FPS for short, represent how fast the video card can produce and send to the monitor frames of computer-generated data.

A high frame rate is important for gaming because it means smoother gameplay and less lag.

How Do Hz And FPS Work Together In A Monitor?

How Do Hz And FPS Work Together In a Monitor


The monitor refresh rate, or hertz, is how often it will update itself per second. The refresh rate is typically measured in HZ.

Monitors typically have refresh rates of 60Hz-144Hz, but they are limited by the video card, which usually has a limit of 60FPS.

120fps on 60hz monitor will look like 60 frames per second.

120 frames per second on a 120hz monitor will look like 120 fps monitor. 240 frames per second on a 120hz monitor will look like 120 frames per second.

If you have a consistent FPS higher than your monitor frequency, it will cause tearing. Tearing occurs when the frame rate is inconsistent with the monitor’s refresh rate.

If you experience tearing, you may need to reduce your FPS or increase your monitor’s refresh rate.


A 60Hz screen cannot handle 120 frames per second for the refreshing rate. This is because the monitor cannot handle this high refresh rate.

Although a 60Hz monitor cannot refresh at 120fps, 120Hz monitors are always a better option in terms of resolution and viewing experience.