Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review Best Gaming Monitor In 2022

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review – Editor’s Choice Gaming Monitor In 2022

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Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review

Searching for the Best Fighting Game Monitor that ends up with low-value monitors is probably the problem of every beginner.

Do you want to be one of them?

Obviously, It’s a big NO!

Rog Swift  Asus PG279Q Review

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review
  • 🔰 27 inch WQHD (2560×1440) IPS panel
  • 🔰 165Hz refresh rate
  • 🔰 Thin bezel design
  • 🔰ASUS Eye Care technology

As the trend of PC gaming rises, Asus Rog Swift PG279Q strikes the market with some features and critical benefits that you may not want to miss.

That’s why we are providing a complete Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review so that you know the complete details before buying it

The good thing about this aesthetic monitor is that it looks excellent in a dark room.


Stop imagining this Asus Rog Swift and let’s see what this Got!😉

Some Features That Separate Asus Rog Swift From Others

  • The motion handling of this product is impressively good.
  • You will get accurate and vibrant colors for high-profile gaming.
  • Stop worrying about the input lag, once you buy this Asus Rog Swift model.
  • The media creation and experience of office working were great for us.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance that will charm your complete gaming setup.
  • Asus manufacturers have featured a super-fast 165Hz refresh rate in this monitor.

Technical Specifications

Weight 15.43 pounds
Dimensions 9.36 x 24.39 x 21.75 inches
Body Type Flat
Wall Mounting Compatible 100 x 100
Contrast ratio 1331: 1
Screen Resolution 2560 x 1440 Pixels
Navigation Buttons 4
Refresh Rates 165 Hz
Adaptive Technology G-Sync

  • Perfect gear for gaming
  • Super-fast refresh rates
  • Connectivity options are great
  • Height adjustments are great
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Does not have HDR support
  • A Little Expensive


Why Is It Known As The King Of Gaming Monitors?

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Gaming King


This top-rated gaming monitor is better in every conceivable way.

The refresh rates are super fast that we strongly believe they stand perfect for playing high-end games.

However, getting a monitor that has a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1440 max resolution in the IPS panel is a unique attribute to find.

Its ultra-wide shape gives immersive gaming and streaming experience no matter if you’re a beginner or expert.


The shape and design look great. It is one of the best competing products on our lists that we think might be a good choice if you are willing to spend a good amount.

Physical Look: Updated & Optimized Than The Previous Versions

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Physical Look


The bezels are ultra-slim and come with a logo located on the chin bar.

On the other hand, its design is sturdy and flexible so that you can rotate as much as you want.😃

The tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments are the significant reasons for choosing this king.

In case you want to plug anything, you can use these adjustments.

Not only that, it has an intuitive menu system that comes with easily accessible buttons.

They also featured a joystick to control and access on-screen display settings.

The best thing you will love about this aesthetic gaming monitor is the optional red ring glow and ROG logo that glows in the darkroom.

You can enable these lighting effects from the settings.

The exterior look is the same as you get in the oldest version, and why should you change it when the professionals love it?

The Look Is Great, But What About Its Performance?

This old ASUS Rog Swift had a TN panel unable to deliver color accuracy and fast performance.

Luckily, the manufacturers have changed it with an IPS panel that gives an impressive performance on its 27-inches display.

You can change or lower the refresh rates to 30Hz because of its Nvidia G-sync technology.

It means that you can connect your gaming consoles like Ps4 or Xbox one with this monitor.

To accompany the display port 1.2, you will also get secondary HDMI 1.4 that you can use to connect the laptop, gaming monitor, or any other device you want.


Enjoy your game without fearing the backlight bleeding.😍

The motion blurring and ghosting results in the motion default overdrive were the best things you will experience in this gaming monitor.

In IPS panels, it is truly a unique attribute.

Image Quality And Color Reproduction For Awesome Or Not?

Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Image Quality


The image quality it delivers is crisp clear and stands perfect for business meetings, live streaming, and gaming.

Unfortunately, you have to connect the webcam separately, which is not a significant issue.

Due to the IPS panel, the reproduction of colors is awesome in this product.

The contrast ratio of this product is 1131:1.

There are acceptable margins between color gammas and white points right out of the box.

As we said, this monitor has 165 Hz refresh rates which means that it will not run on ultra-low motion blur backlight strobing; it can only be operated at 120hz refresh rates by disabling G-Sync.

Price Of This Monitor: Is Asus Rog Swift Worth It Or Not?

Let me tell you one thing; this product is not cheap. But honestly, Asus Rog Swift has positioned itself among the top competitors.

If you are feeling hesitant, then you can compare its price, features, and technical specifications with other competitive products to know whether it is a good fit or not.

It is a kind of equipment that you will love to use on old version 60hz refresh rate monitors.

Choosing it for upgrading your gaming setup is a good decision from our perspective.

Final Summary On Asus Rog Swift PG279Q Review

The Asus Rog Swift PG279Q is a product that no one can neglect regarding its features, benefits, modern design, and super-fast performance.😃

We know that the price is high for some regular customers, but honestly, it is still better than other competitive products.


The ring glow and ROG logo take the appearance of this product to the next level. You can adjust the height adjustment according to your need without facing any issues.