AOC CQ32G1 Review - Best Super Fast Curved Monitor In 2022

AOC CQ32G1 Review – Best Super Fast Curved Gaming Monitor in 2022

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AOC CQ32G1 Review

AOC CQ32G1 Review

AOC CQ32G1 Review
  • 🔰 3-Sided frameless design
  • 🔰 Quad HD resolution (2K)
  • 🔰 144Hz refresh rate
  • 🔰 ultra-narrow borders 

Have you ever thought about upgrading your gaming experience from basic to a pro?

If affordability was a problem, then we have something that will expand your gaming experience.

We know how difficult it is for a beginner to buy the Best Monitor For Fighting Games.

To solve this problem, you should check the AOC CQ32G1 monitor review.


It’s worth it!

Let’s dig into the in-depth briefing and know its key features and benefits!

Top 5 Key Features Of This Gaming Monitor You Will Get In This AOC CQ32G1 Review

  • This monitor has a curved display with a super-fast 144 Hz refresh rate.
  • The display is 31.5 inches wide that provides a superior experience.
  • It has impressive wide viewing angles.
  • You will get peak brightness and FreeSync VRR support.
  • Based on a VA panel, the color accuracy is excellent.

Product Details

Display Size 31.5 inches
Product Dimensions 21.8 x 9.64 x 20.87 inches
Product Weights 16.5 pounds
Voltage 240 volts
Colors Black
Curvature Radius 1800R
Panel Type VA (Vertical Align)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
VESA mounting Compatible (100 x 100mm)
Resolution Power QHD (2560 x 1440)
Refresh Rates 144 Hz (variable)
Response Time 1ms
Brightness Level 300 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 3000:1

  • Immersive gaming experience
  • 31.5 inches curved display
  • 144 Hz refresh rates
  • FreeSync Technology
  • Affordable
  • Multitasking
  • Does not have built-in speakers


Attractive Display That Gamers Love To Have On Their Desk

AOC CQ32G1 Attractive Display That Gamers Love To Have On Their Desk


It has a curved display that views the content efficiently so that you can edit, stream, or play video games without compromising on anything.

However, if you are playing fighting games such as battleground or call of duty, the refresh rates will handle the screen details.

The curved display also offers a 3-sided display which is quite impressive.

Secondly; you will get a very thin bezel on the right top, which is not a significant problem.

The bezel is barely noticeable and does not create any problem while playing competitive games.

Moreover, the productivity is also enjoyable because of its immersive experience.

AOC manufacturers have designed this monitor primarily for gaming purposes and secondary for multi-tasking such as video editing, podcasting, and live streaming.

This monitor has Quad HD resolution technology that stands perfect for high-end games and video editing.

The 2560 x 1440 are really high resolution which is compatible with other devices as well.

Secondly; it offers 16.7 million color details that keep your images, your content, and your video games excellent. The curvature of this monitor is 1800R (R stands for radius).

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Luckily, the manufacturers of this product have introduced a 100 x 100mm VESA pattern that you can use to mount it at your desired spot.

Connectivity Ports That You Will Get In This AOC CQ32G1

The features of this monitor become more useful because of :

  • Displayport 1.2.
  • Dual HDMI 1.4 & 2.0 (handle refresh rate from 48 Hz to 144 Hz).
  • Headphone Jack.
  • FreeSync Support.

What’s The Purpose Of AMD FreeSync Technology In This Product?

AMD FreeSync technology is an innovative technology that optimizes the frame rates and provides a smooth display for gaming and streaming.

Thinking Of How FreeSync Does This?
The AMD FreeSync sees what your graphic is outperforming as well as the monitor.

After analyzing this, AMD FreeSync gives the best possible display option that works smoothly with other components of your gaming setup, especially GPU.

Some Other Benefits Of FreeSync Technology

  • They prevent screen tearing and ghosting.
  • Say goodbye to input lag and ensure fast performance.
  • Allow smooth rendering of videos.
  • Prevent motion blurring and stuttering problems.

Features That 9/10 Gamers Recommend To Have In Monitors

AOC CQ32G1 - Best Features And Connectivity Ports


The on-screen display is accessible, and you will get plenty of options there to set things according to your demand.

You will get pre-calibrated picture presets for gaming such as FPS, RTS.

On the other hand, you can also control the shadow and game color option, which is hard to find in products under $500.

The convenient setting options allow a person to easily set the color curvature and saturation without getting any color distortion.

The best thing you will love about this product is the blue light filter technology that prevents fatigue and eye strain.

Not only that, this filter has four presets for reading, office, internet, or gaming that you can set according to your preference.

This monitor for fighting games has a 1ms response time, which we think is reliable and fast enough to prevent headaches.

Important Note Regarding The OSD Settings

In case you are unable to access the on-screen display settings, always remember that there are hotkeys available.

You can select specific features like; input source selection, Menu, Power button, or dial point.

If it seems complicated to do, then AOC also has a G-menu feature that you can use to adjust standard settings such as brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, and color temperature.

Refresh Rates & Graphic Compatibility: A Must Read Point

AOC CQ32G1 Refresh Rates & Graphic Compatibility

The AOC is offering 144 Hz refresh rates that you can lower to 48 Hz.

In this way, you can connect it with gaming consoles like Ps4 or Xbox because they require at least a 60Hz refresh rate.

On the other hand, the FreeSync technology is compatible with NVIDIA GPU cards.

However, some of the users concluded that they faced brightness flickering problems.

Please note that it has a VA panel and brightness flickering is a common problem which you can prevent after adjusting the brightness and refresh rates.

But, the good thing is these panels provide excellent contrast performance and image debt.

Does This Product Have Any Downsides?

Well, the product itself is excellent, but like others, it also has some flaws.

First; you will not get any built-in speakers in this product which is not a significant problem.

You are already getting so many display features and excellent performance at an affordable price. But, it has a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack that you can use to attach external speakers.

I’m A Graphic Designer, Does This Product Suit Me?
This product is a multi-tasking monitor that you can use for video editing and photoshop edits.

If you use Adobe products or lightroom to edit or change images, there is nothing to worry about. The monitor has 92% RGB coverage in Adobe with a wide viewing angle.

However, Curved Monitors are perfect for video editing.

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Absolutely yes, you will get three years of warranty after the purchase. As a rough estimate, this monitor has 50,000 hours of usage which is excellent.

Final Verdict On AOC CQ32G1 Review

This product is one of the best monitors for fighting games that you can use to enhance your skills. However, its features allow a person to multitask on it.

The build quality is ergonomic and sturdy. AOC has provided so many reliable features but the blue light technology is on the top.

Comfort comes first, and its manufacturers have ensured the eye comfort of its customers with such features. On the other hand, the price is also affordable and will not cost you thousands of dollars like other brands.

Question You Might be Looking For:

1. Does the AOC CQ32G1 have speakers?

No, this monitor does not have any integrated speakers and it is the only drawback of this model.

2. Is the AOC CQ32G1 G Sync compatible?

You Will experience a 144 Hz refresh rate in this product which is compatible with FreeSync and G-sync technology.

3. Does AOC use Samsung panels?

Well, most of the monitors use Samsung panels but luckily this does not. It has a 1800R curvature VA panel that stands perfect for gaming.