AOC C27G1 27 Review Best Curved Gaming Monitor In 2022

AOC C27G1 27 Review – Best Curved Gaming Monitor In 2022

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AOC C27G1 27 Review

AOC C27G1 27 Review

AOC C27G1 27 Review
  • 🔰 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 🔰 1800R curved monitor
  • 🔰 smoothest competitive gameplay
  • 🔰 144Hz refresh rate

Are you looking for a responsive monitor? If the answer is yes, then this aesthetic monitor will be a solution for your gaming needs.

It aims to provide the best gaming experience at a very budget value.

However, the VA panel technology is the one that professional gamers always demand.


Let’s dig into the in-depth analysis of this AOC Gaming C27G1 review and see what options this product has!😃

Is It A Reliable Curved Monitor For Gaming Or Not?

Absolutely yes, if you are on a budget and looking for something valuable, then this product will be a good fit for you. Why?

  • It has a 27 inches display that gives full HD resolution.
  • The VA panel wraps around vibrant colors for an immersive gaming experience.
  • This affordable monitor features AMD FreeSync technology for a smooth user experience.
  • The durability is at its peak; manufacturers have used solid material.
  • You will get a super-fast refresh rate of 144Hz, which is an excellent option.
  • The connectivity options are great for multi-monitor setup.

Technical Specifications

Screen Size 27-inches
Resolution FHD 1080p
Display Technology LED
Body Type 1800R Curved
VESA Compatible Yes
Height Adjustability Yes
Response time 1ms
Brightness levels 228cd/m2
Refresh Rate 144 Hz
Weight 13.66 pounds
Dimensions 21.06 x 24.09 x 9.64 inches
Color Black
Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Pixels

  • Responsive Panel
  • Curved Display
  • 3 sided frameless designs
  • FreeSync Technology
  • Height Adjustment
  • Affordable
  • Wall mounting is not accessible


Why Do Gamers Like AOC C27G1 27  Curved, Design, Appearance, & Features?

AOC C27G1 27 Design


This monitor has an aesthetic appearance that charms the whole gaming setup.

The curved edges and red border lamination on the back and front of the display are impressive.

You will not get any LED lights because manufacturers claim to keep it a gaming monitor rather than an alien spaceship.

You will feel even more confident about your purchase after getting convenient height adjustability in this product.

You can tilt up this product up to 4 degrees forward and 21.5 degrees backward. Not only that, but you also have a facility to swivel it up to 34 degrees in either direction.

The ultra-slim and borderless design ensure superior color coverage and edge-to-edge display, which is a good option.


gaming and business monitors have plastic edges, but the manufacturer has included bezels as part of its screen. That is why we considered this product as one of the Best Monitors For Sim Racing 😉

AOC provides a triangular stand with the product that raises the display by 130mm, but you can set it according to your comfort and gaming needs. Moreover, it has a VESA mounting facility.

Reliable Connectivity Options You’ll Love

AOC C27G1 27 Reliable Connectivity Options


When it comes to connectivity, C27G1 never lets us down. It has decent IO options that you can use to connect other gaming consoles and devices.

It includes a display port 1.2 for PC, dual HDMI of 1.4, and one VGA port for legacy devices.

As we mentioned, this monitor has FreeSync technology that you can use to adjust refresh rates from 48 Hz – 144 Hz.

So, when it comes to pairing, this model stands pretty much better than others.

The 27 inches display means you are not getting a special offer. But they are offering so much at a very reasonable price.

Please note that the on-screen aoc c27g1 settings have tons of multiple locations to navigate with custom buttons present on the monitor.

But, the good thing is once you set up the screen, you will not visit the menu again and again.

Well Balanced Image Quality And The Range Of Color

The AOC C27G1 uses a curved monitor with HD resolution that provides an incredible contrast ratio of 3,848:1. Moreover, the color accuracy is also tremendous and stands perfect for gaming in sRGB mode.

You can adjust the brightness levels between 265/cd m2 to 228cd/m2, making it a little bit hard to see the monitor in the dark.

The good thing is that you can drop down the brightness levels to 68 cd/m2 using the boost mode from the setting.

Performance You Want For Cinematic Viewing Experience

AOC C27G1 27

Here comes the most interesting part, this gaming monitor is a pack of several innovative features.

No matter which settings you choose or which competitive game you play.

This monitor prevents ghosting and screen tearing problems that most gamers face.

The fast refresh rate of 144 Hz provides a smooth gaming experience.😍

The positive fact of this product is that you can use it for professional video editing or streaming. Its potential is not limited to gaming only.

Due to its AMD FreeSync technology, you can also integrate AMD graphic cards with it. However, it improves the responsive performance of the VA panel.

If you are a hard-core gamer, we will recommend you keep settings on medium or firm because they produce less blur. Try both to see which stands perfect for you.

Our Testing And Experimentations: Luckily All Goes Well

Our product reviewers examined this product and conducted several performance tests to check whether it is useful or not.

Luckily, it went well in several tests and got 10/10, but it just did average in some.

The LCD pattern works perfectly in white and black color coverage.

However, it is a significant issue that gamers face, but AOC has eliminated this problem.

On the other hand, we did not notice any banding in grey to white gradients.

We will recommend you avoid so much tweaking in means of getting crisp image quality.

The best thing that we love about this product is its faster response time of 1ms.

Its wide viewing angles are excellent. Moreover, we did not find any nuisance in gaming throughout the inspection. In short, this gaming monitor is far better than TN panels.😃

Final Words On AOC C27G1  Review AOC C27G1 27 Our Testing And Experimentations

This product is an all-rounder curved gaming monitor that stands perfect for professionals and beginners. The build quality and performance are outstanding.

They are offering multiple connectivity options that a person can use to connect multiple monitors. Moreover, its VA panel technology ensures accurate color contrast and crisp image quality.

AOC is offering so many innovative technologies and features in this product at an affordable price which is a good option.

Commonly Asked Questions That You Need To Learn About

1. Is a curved monitor good for gaming?

Curved Monitors are great for gaming because of their wide viewing angle and super-fast performance.

2. Is a 27 inches curved monitor worth it?

A 27-inch  27-inch Curved Monitor has a large pa has a large panel that sometimes creates ghosting and blurring issues. If your monitor has FreeSync or G-sync technology then there is nothing to worry about.